Starwatchers Siberians

Texas Stars of the Taiga 

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Starwatchers Siberians

Starwatchers  is a CFA and TICA registered cattery with cats registered in both. 

  • Member of CFA Breed Council
  • Member of TAIGA Siberian Breed Club, President 2009
  • TICA Siberian Breed Committee 2009-2017 Chair, 2012-2014 
  • Member of CFA's Houston Cat Club, Siberian Cat Club and North Texas Cat Club 
  • Member of TICA's The International Feline Showcase Club

Starwatchers has no kittens available right now. Please check back in late summer!

Zhenechka (Zhen)

RW SGC, GC Southernsibs Zhenechka of Starwatchers

The Russian Siberian is a wonderful breed of cat for a pet and for showing. They are intelligent, have a gentle temperament and enjoy your attention and affection.
I have watched several breeds of cats being shown and being loved by their human friends. Ultimately, it was the Siberian that seemed to be the breed for me. I have made several trips to Russia and, on the last trip, came face to face with a beautiful female, traipsing through the snow near my apartment. She had the thick fur, heavy body, smaller ears and wide face that I had read about and seen in the show cats. I was hooked.

Zhen earned the title of Supreme Grand Champion at the TICA 2012 South Central Regional show in Corpus Christi, Texas. He was presented in the Parade of Breeds at the October 2012 Meet the Breeds event held in NY. He earned the title of Grand Champion at the CFA show in Mesquite, Texas on April 22, 2013.

Zvezda ( Big Red)

CH Starwatchers Zvezda

Zvezda is the third cat I have campaigned and the first I have shown in CFA. He is a Champion in CFA and TICA. Please go to his page to see more of him.


SGC Starwatchers Rusty Zaryaovich, supremed at the Lafayette, Louisiana show.  He was the Best Siberian kitten in SC Region, 2009.

My cattery is focused on breeding Show cats and it is registered with TICA and CFA. The standards of these groups define what a Siberian should look like and I am devoted to producing kittens that meet those standards. Some of the babies are closer to these standards than others. If you are interested in a Show Kitten,  I will have taken my beauty to the Show Hall to be sure it is Show quality.

All kittens will be able to go to their new homes after they are 14 weeks old for $850. All Show kittens will have been entered in cat shows  and will be sold for $1500. Breeding quality cats will go for $3000. Please let me know if you are interested in my beauties.

When I have new kittens, I'll post here or send you some photos upon request. Just e-mail me,, or leave a message at 832.260.3479832.260.3479.